Month: December 2016

IRIX 15mm v’s Canon 17mm Lens Test

IRIX launched the new 15mm Blackstone and Firefly lenses for Canon, Nikon and Pentax K fit cameras. These lenses are manual focus and designed to produce excellent results with minimum distortion. We took delivery of these lenses a few weeks ago and have tested them with several DSLR’s as well as technical cameras. We’ll publish the results from the technical cameras soon. In the meantime, we decided to call a colleague who has tried and tested various systems, UK architectural and interiors photographer Jonathan Taylor of Cloud9 in Leeds. We know he would put the lenses through their paces...

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Stitching Digital Images – Cambo Actar 24mm lens

Cambo Actar 24mm – Stitching Images Cambo has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing technical cameras and more recently the Actus system has been proven a favourite choice for many landscape and architectural photographer. During the recent OnLandscape Conference “A Meeting of Minds” the Actus was on show along with the Actar 24mm and 60mm lenses. The weather was horrendous and now the storms have disappeared we ventured out to test the current Actar lens offerings. The Actar 24mm is designed to be used with the Actus as it comes complete with a lens plate that locks direct...

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IRIX seek dealers in the UK

This year IRIX introduced a new wide angle lens system for the photographic market. To begin with there are two versions of a high quality 15mm lens and more focal lengths will follow soon. IRIX lenses are manufactured in South Korea and designed in Switzerland by an experienced team consisting of professional photographers, mechanical and optical engineers. Dedicated for DSLR cameras, IRIX lenses are a combination of smart technology and handy design. They include several ingenious functions such as: a focus lock system, infinity click on the hyperfocal scale, focus calibration, front and rear filter options and extreme weather...

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