Month: June 2017

Ultra Wide Lens Test

Seeing in believing! This has been a motto of mine for quite some time and especially when you read articles online about camera and lens performance. They only way to get a good independent evaluation of products is to put it into the hands of a professional that knows what he’s (she’s) talking about. There are too many bloggers out there that don’t know what they are talking about, pick up a lens, point and shoot and have no idea of how to test a lens – the right way! I am promoting IRIX lenses to dealers that want...

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Irix Edge Gelatin Filter Set is now available

TH Swiss company is officially launching their new product – a set of fifteen neutral density gelatin filters designed especially for Irix lenses.    Specification of Irix Edge Gelatin Filter Set Irix Edge Gelatin Filter Set consists of fifteen gelatin filters with three density factors: 0.6 (ND4), 0.9 (ND8) and 1.2 (ND16). Each filter is manufactured using an ultra-thin (0.1mm) high-quality film to keep the image free of optical aberrations and distortions. Thanks to the square shape and rounded corners, the filters easily fit into Irix lenses equipped with the rear filter slot size 30 x 30mm. Irix Edge...

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