Month: August 2017

Cambo Video Track

Cambo Video Track Cambo is well known for manufacturing high quality photographic studio equipment. They also make a wide range of video supports and accessories, such as the UNI video track system. The Cambo UNI TrackSystem is manufactured from high quality aluminium and has many benefits when compared to other options. There are systems with specially made curves, which if damaged would have to be sourced and replaced. The UNI Track can be curved at different angles, to a radius of 5ft (1.5m.) Options that are only tubing thrown on the ground and with no support will get damaged...

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TOTALITY 2017 : The Great American Eclipse

TOTALITY 2017 : The Great American Eclipse; as we are eagerly awaiting the eclipse, whether watching on your local TV network or lucky enough to be in the USA. There are a huge number of image creators ready and waiting to capture the event live. Two chaps that I know that will be there are Sean and Anders. They have a Kickstarter project that has already been funded but its well worth taking a look at what they are doing – maybe you can get some of there images later or video footage. One of the cameras that will...

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